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The Love of the Nightingale

"Here is where Rena Cherry Brown delivers the goods as the servant woman Niobe, whose own story of being vanquished emerges as she tends to the obstinate Philomele, trying to warn of the dangers of speaking her mind and tending to the wounds and brutality that inevitably result."

The Washingtonian

The Love of the Nightingale

"As Niobe, a servant who waits on Philomele both before her assault by Tereus and in its gruesome aftermath, Rena Cherry Brown gives a performance of astonishing depth and complexity. We know little of her character's history, but it's evident she knows what it is to be used by men and then discarded. But she admits to missing the days when she stirred men's lust, too. She's a complex, contradictory, humane character, one who stymies any facile reading of the piece's grim sexual politics."

The City Paper

The Love of the Nightingale

"Rena Cherry Brown plays Philomele's servant and was one of the only characters to address the audience from the stage. Brown is captivating as she shares her feelings and opinions, which for most of the play are bitter comments from an older lady who has lived through her share of mistreatment at the hands of men."

MD Theatre Guide

The Love of the Nightingale

"Rena Cherry Brown gives a truly chilling turn as Niobe, one of those quaint servant-types whose worldly wisdom seems so charming at first; but in a cold-blooded monologue we witness her flip dismissal of Tereus'crime and her insistence on silence. And it's impossible to look away, because her Niobe speaks for so many, young and old, who have internalized male aggression and decided that mute acceptance of rape is the only way to survive."

Broadway World

The Full Monty

“In other turns worthy of mention, Rena Cherry Brown is poised and hilarious as a gravelly-voiced pianist.”

Washington Post, Celia Wren

August: Osage County
  • "Witness the Violet who is splendidly rampaging through the Keegan Theatre's "August: Osage County," courtesy of actress Rena Cherry Brown: Tottering around her Oklahoma house in a red nightgown like a deranged sprite; viciously lashing out at her relatives during a meal; triumphantly flourishing her pill vial -- Brown's Violet is a survivor who has raised kooky brutality to a high art."
    ~Washington Post
  • "Violet Weston, the acid-tongued gorgon-like, pill-popping matriarch of the family is portrayed, with appropriate bile and sarcastic humor by Rena Cherry Brown and it's a tour-de-force performance. You cannot take your eyes off of Brown, so natural and authentic is her every gesture and inflection. Brown totally inhabits her character to the point that you feel she is no longer acting. From her slurred speech to her weary gestures and back to her insinuating gradations of tone, it is the type of acting that Laurette Taylor or Eleanor Duse were known for —there are no artifice or tricks in any of her acting choices."
    ~DC Metro Theater Arts
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